Since the early 2000s, telecommunications networks have grown exponentially, also known as the "Internet bubble burst" with 368 million computers connected, and in 2014 the one billion websites are crossed. The number of Internet users at the end of 2016 is about 3.9 billion (about 47% of the world’s population). Although there are security solutions for surfing the Internet (antivirus, firewall etc.), the number of people who are victims of hackers is also staggering. Every day 2 million people worldwide are victims of computer hacking (data theft, blackmail, espionage etc.). For a few years now, with the revolution of smartphones and social networks, we have been witnessing an increase in the hacking of Webcams and Cameras of all kinds, allowing pirates to spy on you and collect confidential information against you.

Our Solution

Recognizing privacy issues, and with increased experience in computer security, ixitab has decided to allow each of you to protect yourself with a simple, solid and discreet solution. Our first product the ixitab cache will allow you in a second to decide whether or not you allow your webcam and any other camera to film you. We offer you two different sizes of cache: one for Webcams, Smart TV and the other for Smartphones, Tablets, Ipad, we also offer you a range of different colors of the ixitab-cache (Black, Silver and Gold). We advise you to link our solution with an antivirus + firewall to protect you as much as possible from computer attacks. In the coming weeks, we will provide you with a blog allowing you to better guide you, and protect you from hacking through the best known security solutions.